The solutions you invest in should help your company grow and thrive. Our full-service team offers a customizable menu and reliable, dealer-focused products that we stand behind.

Specialty Risk

Make sure your customers are covered, no matter what, with our Specialty Risk Insurance Program. With this program, we cover items that standard insurance policies rarely protect.

Income Development

Every dealer wants to be profitable and compliant. Our Income Development Program helps you get there, allowing you to retain more customers and increase your performance immediately.

Vehicle Service Contracts

When your customers need repairs that extend beyond the terms of their factory warranty, our Vehicle Service Contract Program will help you provide them. Choose from two plans to provide the best possible service to your customers.

Diminished Asset Protection

A customer buys a car, wrecks it, and brings it back. Where does this leave you? With our Diminished Asset Protection Program, you’ll get the first shot to replace the vehicle and retain the client.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

The moment a customer takes possession of a vehicle, the market value starts to decline. Our Guaranteed Asset Protection Program ensures that — in the event of theft or an accident — your clients will never owe more than their vehicle is worth.