Longstanding personal relationships built with integrity and honesty are the foundations of TASA’s success. In the automotive F&I space since 1983, TASA has grown with the industry through innovation and adaptation. Always looking to provide our clients with the best value and services, we understand that the success of our partners is paramount to our own success. TASA has expanded through the years with the needs of our clients. This has led to a nationwide agency presence, tailored products, an expansive provider network and agreements with national banking partners. Through the years we have seen it all and been there with our partners to make sure we always maximized their opportunities. We believe the only way to achieve high levels of success is through high levels of communication.

Tyler Averdick Tasa
Tyler Averdick, President

Tyler believes that high levels of success can only be attained through high levels of communication. An active member of our sales and administrative team, Tyler makes sure that his clients have an automotive solution that provides exceptional customer service while maximizing profitability. Tyler has overseen multiple nationwide rollouts with large financial institutions and large automotive groups. These rollouts result in 10,000 pieces of paper per month and each consist of 100s of field reps under management. Created new products for the automotive F&I industry based on industry needs that required extensive work with insurance companies, state and federal regulators, and national lenders.

Tasa Gary Jenkins
Gary Jenkins, Vice-President

Gary Jenkins has over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry and has been with TASA since 1996. In his 22 years with TASA he has worked extensively in developing comprehensive programs in the Auto, RV, Powersports and Commercial markets. Gary cut his teeth working in the Retail market, serving as both a Finance direct and GM at auto dealerships. His las job in the retail market before joining TASA was with Paul Sherry RV’s in Piqua, Ohio. He was directly involved with the setting up and structuring of their RV dealership. Once at TASA, Gary’s first job was to manage and grow the RV division. He has since headed up several national accounts for TASA, including programs for lenders, dealerships and commercial accounts. These programs all require the development of in-house administrative services, systems and rating structures.