Longstanding personal relationships built with integrity and honesty are the foundations of TASA’s success. In the automotive F&I space since 1983, TASA has grown with the industry through innovation and adaptation. Always looking to provide our clients with the best value and services, we understand that the success of our partners is paramount to our own success. TASA has expanded through the years with the needs of our clients. This has led to a nationwide agency presence, tailored products, an expansive provider network and agreements with national banking partners. Through the years we have seen it all and been there with our partners to make sure we always maximized their opportunities.

Our Programs

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Did You Know:

The market value of your vehicle starts to depreciate the moment you take possession? Due to depreciation and other factors, there’s a period of time during most loan or lease terms when THE BALANCE YOU OWE on your vehicle may be substantially higher than the vehicle’s current value. If your vehicle is stolen or wrecked and considered a total loss by your insurance company while you owe more than your vehicle is currently worth, insurance will only pay current market value – leaving YOU responsible for paying not only the difference (between what your car is worth and what you owe), but also your insurance deductible!

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Diminished Asset Protection

“The most exciting F&I product since T&W”
They Buy it – They Crash It
They Bring It Back
You Sell Another Vehicle

  • Over 50% of customers will be in a position to use the program at trade-in*
  • Immediate benefit reimbursement
  • Simple benefit request process
  • You get first shot at replacing your customers car
  • Powerful retention tool
  • Great product for cash deals

Vehicle Service Contracts

  • Vehicle Service Agreements: Mechanical protection that covers repairs and parts replacement beyond the terms of your factory warranty, for new and used vehicles.
  • Limited Warranty: Short term, limited warranty; 3 month/3,000 miles, 6 month/6,000 miles, or various other term lengths.
  • Maintenance: Two plans to help you maintain and improve your customer retention.
  • Certified: Custom-branded, certified programs, DMS integrated, fully customizable in both terms and coverage. Excellent traffic driver!

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Other Products

  • Appearance: Protects your vehicle’s original luster year after year, plus helps keep the value of the vehicle at top dollar.
  • Anti-theft: Key vehicle body panels or windows are marked with a traceable I.D. code which works for you to prevent theft 24/7.
  • Guard: Bundled road hazard package including tire & wheel, windshield repair, roadside assistance and paintless dent repair.
  • Guard Plus: The ultimate set of bundled, road-hazard, including; key replacement,  roadside assistance, windshield repair/replacement, and paintless dent repair.
  • Tire & Wheel: Protects against road hazards like blowouts, nails, glass, potholes, and debris.